How Best to Prepare for Your Portrait Session

Planning and preparation is key to a successful portrait session. To help you relax and get great results during the portrait session, we recommend some tips to prepare for the photo shoot.


1) Consider what to wear to best capture both age and personality. Decide whether you like to wear formal or semi formal or even totally casual. If you shoot with your partner or family, consider coordinate similar colour scheme. Choose clothing that is more classic in design that can stood the test of time.


2) You will also want to consider bringing in personal items that have special meaning or highlight the occasion.


3) Style your hair or have a haircut if necessary. Trimmed nails and nail polish (for women). For women, apply make up with natural look. If you need professional make-up, the service is available. Men with fresh shave will look the best.


4) Wear some accessories to depict the look that you like to project for your portrait. Wear accessories e.g. jewellery, watches, belts, ties, shoes.

5) Have a good rest and sleep the day before the photo shoot.


6) Finally, relax and enjoy the shoot and have fun. Having a good time and creating incredible photography for you is our top priority.





- How Best to Prepare for Your Portrait Session

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