Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) How do I make a booking?


First decide how many people will participate in the portrait shoot and the date you would like to do the shoot. Call us on +65 8189 6964 to make your booking.


2) Do we need to make an appointment if we have questions regarding a potential portrait shoot?


Yes you will need to call us to make an appointment. If any of the questions are not answered here please called us and we will be delighted to answer any of your questions.


3) How much does it cost?

There are different portrait packages that you can choose for personal portrait, couple and family. You can choose print packages or print with framing packages. We have promotional packages from time to time. Please refer to the Rates page for the current promotion. For the full package listing, please drop us an email.


4) Where do you do the Portrait photo shoot?


The portrait session can be done at our studio. You may request to do your portrait session outdoor at a park or your favourite location. Portrait session can also be done at your home.


5) When can I see the photos?


We use the latest in camera equipment and software technology. Digital images of the portrait taken will be displayed live as we shoot. After the portrait session, we will show you the photos taken.


6) When do I make payment?


Payment in full is required for the portrait package that you have purchased immediately on completion of the portrait session. We prefer cash payment.


7) Is there any other charges outside the portrait package I have purchased?


You are charged only for the portrait package you have purchased.  We believe in providing you all the pricing information upfront so that you can make a well informed decision and plan your studio shoot accordingly within your budget and need.


8) Can I order more prints?


Yes you can. During the image selection process after the portrait session, you may order additional prints of various sizes and frames outside the package that you have purchased.


9) When do I receive my prints and frames?


Prints are generally ready for collection in two weeks and customised frames will be ready for collection in about one month. If they are completed early, you will be contacted. If you require delivery, please ask on the rate.





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- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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To book a Portrait Session, please call:

+65 8247 7261

Our studio is open Monday to Sunday and

booking is by appointment only.


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